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As a precaution for Covid19, inhalations are not available.

To undergo thermal treatment the patient first meets our physician and establish the best therapy.

The treatment starts with 15-minute applications of warm mud on target areas. The body receives the clay’s warmth and precious mineral elements that, for six months and on a daily basis, pass from water to mud. The positive effects of the thermal mud combine with all the benefits of the clay, which re-mineralizes the skeleton, protecting and repairing the cartilage. After the mud treatment and thermal shower, move on to the bath prepared at the temperature set by our physician, mixing the water from the hotel’s aquifer with the water coming from the cooling pool. We recommend enriching the bath with hydro-massage and ozone. This is when the reaction to the sweating begun with the mud happens, preparing the guest for the massage.

- Fangotherapy with thermal shower € 35.00
- Fangotherapy with thermal shower and hydrotherapy in tub € 39.00
- Thermal Hydrotherapy in tub € 16.00
- Extra charge for ozonization with hydromassage € 10.00
- Thermalfangotherapy cold legs € 35.00
- Thermal fangotherapy hands € 22.00

Combined with the thermal cure, the massages have a considerable myorelaxant effect, especially considering how muscular tension increases pain. The effect of this therapy on the patient’s well-being is therefore significant.

- Therapeutic body massage 30 € 45.00
- Therapeutic body massage 50 € 70.00

The precious mineral salts found in thermal water reach every corner of the respiratory apparatus via the micro-nebulization produced by the inhalation tools. Inhalation therapy is also recommended to prevent ailment and pathologies.

- Thermal inhalation or aerosol € 13.00

After completing the therapy we recommend drink a fruit juice to integrate the mineral salts lost during treatment. Spent the rest of the morning doing relaxing activities.

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