The thermal parks: wellness in the nature

Ischia’s century-old thermal tradition inspires the myth of Nitrodi, the Spring of the Nymphs. This spring with unmatched healing properties for the skin is the true source of Salus per Aquam, affording an exceptional experience of well-being and relaxation. Immersed in a lush park, it carries the strength of Ischia’s history and nature.

Ischia’s hot springs are renowned as are the beneficial effects that their waters, rich with the mineral properties of the volcanic soil, have on the body and mind. Private springs and thermal establishments coexist with authentic gardens, destinations of relaxation and well-being where visitors can spend a day pampering themselves inside pools of thermal water at different temperatures, grottoes, and natural saunas.

Restore your inner balance in the peaceful context of a classic garden, like Parco Termale Castiglione and Giardini Poseidon, or surrounded by works of contemporary art (Negombo).

Nitrodi, the Spring of the Nymphs
Where myth encounters the reality of true magic, on the thin line where the balance that nourishes the myth and the imagination is found.

Buonopane district is the heart of Ischia’s southern region, lost in history and time, when the island was still called Aenaria. The little town is suspended between myth and reality. Its history has always been linked to the legend of the spring of medicinal water that honored Apollo and the Nymphs of Nitrodes.

Historians trace the origins of the spring of the Nymphs of Nitrodi to 1759, when peasants found some votive marbles (later stored in the National Museum in Naples, important proof of the maritime history of the island) while digging trenches for the vineyards. The twelve reliefs, dedicated to the Nymphs of Nitrodi, listed the history of the names of every social class between 100 b.C. and 300 a.D.. Included among the names of the persons that were healed by the spring of Nitrodi is Argenna, freewoman of Poppea Augusta who left a marble relief in the woods of the sacred place, as a token of the vow she made to Apollo and the Nymphs.

Then in the first century a.D. arrived in Nitrodi from Northern Italy the physician Menippo (Menippo iatròs upalpinos). Later, together with his assistants and some students, two famous physicians arrived at the spring: Aur(elius) Monnus and Num(erius) Fabius.

(- historical citation of Don Pietro Monti)

The strength of the water of the Spring of Nitrodi
The healing tradition of the Spring of Nitrodi is ancient. The name of the place suggests that it may date back to Ischia’s Greek period, around the eighth century b. C.. Mentions of the Nymphs of Nitrodi, to which the spring is dedicated, are found in every classic Greek and Latin text, starting with Homer. Many more mention the healing properties of the blessed water.
The water of the Spring of Nitrodi is classified as mineral hypo-thermal natural sulphate. The Board of Health acknowledged its therapeutic properties on the whole organism with Decree 3509 of 9 October 2003. To enjoy these beneficial effects to the maximum, place yourself under the mouth of the spring and later dry yourself in the sun.

The surroundings
The area surrounding the Spring of Nitrodi has an evocative geo-morphology. Drops, often crossed by canyons and valleys, and tuff boulders shaped by the water that flows down to the beach of Maronti like a small river. The Mediterranean flora and fauna of the place include the aromatic herbs and trees of the island. These include the fragrant scotch broom, pistacia lentiscus, myrtle and laurel oak, as well as ipomoea, honeysuckle, acanthus, wonderful agaves and prickly pears: proof of the use local people make of such tropical plants as hedges and windbreaks.

The establishment
The restoration of the green area that surrounds the Spring of Nitrodi attests to the local commitment to sustainable development. The establishment offers hydro-aromatherapy paths that fuse thermal waters and natural essences. Visitors can enjoy them on terraces that are fully equipped to deliver a relaxing and invigorating experience.

The Hotel Parco Smeraldo is the structure closest to this evocative thermal destination. A must-stop of your wellness journey in the relaxing island of Ischia.

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