The atmosphere in the garden of Parco Smeraldo calls to mind the summer twilight.

The atmosphere in the garden of Parco Smeraldo calls to mind the summer twilight. The air is redolent with a thousand smells that fuse with the beauty of the sunrays that invade and color the garden. Here, nature is queen. Palms prosper in many varieties: big specimen of Euphorbias candlestick, wonderfully lush cycas revoluta, strelizia augusta, blooming hibiscuses and multi-colored bounganvilleas. The Erythrina Insignis, or coral tree, blooms in the spring and stands above the pond populated with papyruses and water lilies, goldfish and aquatic turtles. This small oasis was first arranged by Alberto Cosentino, a gardener from Capri who arrived in Ischia following the editor Angelo Rizzoli, and who went on to establish one of the island’s biggest nurseries. In 1982, Lady Susana Walton inspired the creation of the fishpond, laying the guidelines for its construction, assisting in planting, and making gifts of water lilies, papyruses and goldfish. 

In 1992, phoneix dactifera palms were introduced to become the garden’s undisputed protagonists. Since then, the garden has never ceased growing with the addition of new specimen. The harmony of forms, colors, and fragrances is the result of constant research. The plants mostly come from the Vitale nursery. Link - 

Every year new kinds of subtropical plants are added to the garden and nature is left to take its course. The climate of Maronti does the ultimate selection, letting time decide which of the new varieties is suited to thrive.

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