A holiday in Ischia is a good chance to discover the local gastronomy and enjoy excellent flavors. This island has always been a fishing and agricultural center. Through the centuries, it has invented a rich cooking tradition that incorporates elements of Neapolitan cooking. The hotel’s guests can enroll in cooking classes where they learn to prepare the salty and sweet dishes of the local and Neapolitan traditions. A new and gratifying experience to bring home a wonderful memory of the island!

An example is the rabbit Ischia style, cooked in the traditional earthenware pot: one of the best examples of the island’s excellent gastronomy. Cultivated under the sun of Maronti, in the volcanic soil rich of green tuff, our vegetables really do taste different. Learning how to cook a typical local dish with these resources is a true lesson: take the best from the earth, understand its value and time cycles to finally enjoy its taste. Is there anything better than this?

Our Chefs Franco di Meglio and Lucia Iacono will be your teachers. The cooking classes in Ischia take place once a week in the summer months. (on request)

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